Mandatory Gear

Mandatory Gear Lists
Items 100Km 50Km
Hydration Pack / Belt / Bottle with capacity of* 2 L 2 L
Headlamps (with an extra set of batteries)* Yes Yes
Mobile Phone (with full battery)* Yes Yes
Food, Fuel Bars or Energy Gels Yes Yes
Whistle Yes Yes
Course Map (provided at race kit collection) Yes Yes
*Important Notes:
  • Runner must start and finish the race with the necessary hydration and gear listed above.
  • Hydration pack / belt / bottle must be filled to the required level at the start of the race. There will be a gear check before the race starts. Runner without the mandatory hydration and gear will not be allowed to start the race.
  • For safety reason, random checks will occur during the race. Runner who does not complied with the mandatory gear rules will not be allowed to continue until acquiring the missing items.
  • Runner is not allowed to remove the hydration gear during the race. Finishing the race without the hydration gear will be disqualified. Runner must use a proper hydration system such as a hydration bag or hydration belt.
  • The total amount of water can include water bottles or other containers besides a hydration bag or belt. Disposable plastic bottles are not allowed. Runner’s hands must be free from holding on to any bottles or containers while running.
  • Headlamp is required at a minimum of 100 lumens. Due to darkness and rough tracks, each runner must have a headlamp. Any other kind of torches or lighting is not allowed.
  • Mobile phone must be fully charged before the race starts.
Recommended Gear
  • Trail Running Shoes
  • Water proof pouch or bag for mobile phone
  • Cap / Hat / Visor
  • Racing/Trekking Pole
  • Sun Block
  • Body Lotion/ Lubricant (to prevent abrasion)
  • Sports Sun Glasses
  • Extra pair of socks
  • First Aid Kit (sterile dressing, plaster, strapping tape, antiseptic, painkillers, and any relevant personal medications)
  • Power Bank/External Battery
  • GPS Device
  • Compass